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Natasza Urbanska - theatre and film actress, singer and dancer - was born on 17th of August 1977 in Warsaw.

For years she trained rhythmic gymnastics and has many times won Warsaw's Championship. In 1993 Natasha got accepted into Studio Buffo theatre and became full time dancer. Almost instantly she started singing lessons and after few years landed her dream role of Anka - the lead in the legendary Polish musical "Metro".
Since then she presents her singing and dancing talent in every production of Studio Buffo.

From August 2007 Natasha starred in two series of tv shows - Przebojowa Noc (A Night with Hits) and Złota Sobota (Golden Saturday), where she sang with Michael York, Paul Anka and Drupi, among others, and as a solo artist covered dozens of hits in new arrangements. Both shows were run live in primetime slots on Channel One of Polish National Television Network (TVP1).

In 2007 Natasha won Viva Najpiekniejsi award, and a year later made it to the list of 50 most influential women in Polish showbusiness. In 2009 Natasha won Wiktor Award for best Star of Song and Stage. In 2010 she got into Top Ten Plejada and won Politka in the Pola Negri festival, held in Lipno - a place of Pola's birth.

Natasha played the lead part in the first Polish 3D production - a movie "Battle of Warsaw 1920", directed by Jerzy Hoffman and with Slawomir Idziak as a DOP.
She recorded various songs with Jim Beanz in Chicago and Los Angeles, and in Bombay/Bollywood with Indian star singer Sonu Niigaam.

Natasha also created her fashion label Muses (www.muses.pl), which gained a huge success in Poland and for which she got a Star in Business award.

In January 2014 she released her first album ONE, for which she worked with the best names in the country, i.e. Seweryn Krajewski.

Currently she stars in the Polita musical, written especially for her by the creators of the Metro musical. "Polita" is the first ever stage show, where the 3D technique is used.


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